“Remember why you started” said a wise instagram quote.


After three years of Lili.Aiya we thought it’s about time to start a blog, giving you a peak into the soul of the brand. And by we I mean me, Noor. Maryam on the other hand is a bit (much) of an introvert who wouldn’t voluntarily agree to expose too much information. I’m guessing this is common with the creative lot.

Like most of the modest fashion labels recently popping up everywhere, we were two girls struggling to find a balance between looking cool and holding on to our modesty. Nothing new there really, it’s every modest woman’s story practically. We all know the struggle from the layering issues to the mental meltdown you have, having spent 5 hours in a mall TRYING to find ONE decent outfit! (mind you, the older you get the more valuable the hours are to you) 

However, what we were longing for was more than solving wardrobe dramas. No survivor kit designs for the hijabis making us all look like carbon copies of each other, no burkini’s (does anyone ever look good in that?) and certainly no plain long and loose cover-up, just for the sake of covering up.

We wanted something exciting and tangible that would even make modesty look cool! And we knew cool all right! Holding on to our long sleeves, our not so fitted tops and our baggier trousers we have been on a mission to SLAY it.

A brand with a concept we proudly wear and show off. With perfectly balanced designs you wear to look slick without even having to expose ANY cleavage, legs or collarbone. How awesome is that?! We are completely biased here (obviously), but we believe it is a brand that teenage girls can look at, be inspired by and can relate to. Something we didn’t have growing up. 

  • Sarah on

    I said it once and i’ll keep saying it: wearing LiliAiya is like putting on a supergirl suit! It empowers you. Seriously i can’t thank you enough for providing such innovative cool outfits. You made dressing for work much easier for me. I wish i can wear LiliAiya everywhere:)

  • Kawther on

    Nicely written, I look forward to reading more Lili.Aiya blogs from you Noor! Great initiative, all the best.

  • Anonymous on

    It’s a great initiative. Definitely no one has done anything similar before it’s pretty cool how you guys are the frontiers in this divulged sense of modesty + coolness.

  • Amani on

    I’m so happy to see your prespictive presents through Liliaiya. Beautiful mind, aspect and creations. All the best dear Mariam & Noor <3 I can’t wait to take over one of your designs.

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